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Layer 7 DDos Mitigation Protection by Webhostkart.in

DDoS Protection & Mitigation
by Webhostkart

DDoS attacks threaten application availability and can lead to lost revenue and damaged brand. WebHostKart provides DDoS protection that makes sense for your architecture.

Layer 7 DDoS Mitigation/ Protections For Website

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Webhostkart DDoS Protection (1 Domain)

Secure Your Website with Webhostkart Premium DDoS Protection.


Normally ₹699 -/mo term

Top Features

  • Icon1 Domain (API Protect Addon)
  • Icon2.5tbps L4 / 50Mpps L7 Capacity
  • Icon1 Million Clean Req/Sec
  • IconAmsterdam Location
  • IconUnlimited Bandwidth
  • Icon10 Gbps Premium Network
  • IconAlways On JS or Captcha
  • IconFree SSL
  • Icon24/7 Customer Support

Webhostkart Premium DDoS Protection

Stay online, stay protected - with Webhostkart Premium DDoS Protection.


Normally ₹3999 -/mo term

Top Features

  • Icon1 Domain
  • Icon1Tbps/500Mpps DDOS Mitigation
  • IconUnlimited Clean Requests
  • IconCanada Location
  • IconUnlimited Bandwidth
  • Icon10Gbps Edge Connection
  • IconSensor Mode Based Challenges
  • IconCustom Under Attack Mode (Addon)
  • IconCustom Filters Applicable
  • IconStrongest Protection Guaranteed
  • Icon24/7 Customer Support

Webhostkart Layer 7 DDoS Protection

Protection Against Advanced Layer 7 DDoS Attacks.


Normally ₹4999 -/mo term

Top Features

  • Icon1 Domain
  • IconUp to 250Gbit/370mpps
  • IconUnlimited Clean Requests
  • IconStatic content caching
  • IconUnlimited Bandwidth
  • IconSSL Protection
  • IconLayer 7 DDoS Mitigation
  • IconLoad Balancing
  • IconBot mitigation
  • IconTransparent filtering, (No Captcha)
  • IconOptimized for Asian traffic
  • IconSetup time 24 - 48 Hours
  • Icon24/7 Customer Support


Got questions?
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General inquiries

New around here? Start with the basics.

Web Hosting Features

Dive deeper into Webhostkart servers features.

Permissions & Privacy

We take security & privacy seriously.

Pricing & Plans

Learn about plans, payments, and more.

General inquiries

New around here? Start with the basics.

What is Shared Hosting?

Web hosting is a service that allows you to store your website’s files on a server, making it accessible to everyone online. Shared hosting is one of the numerous available types of hosting – it employs shared server resources. The more successful a website becomes, the more resources it will require to run smoothly.

Webhostkart allows you to upgrade your hosting package as needed, so you may start with a basic Shared web hosting plan and switch to a cloud or VPS hosting plan later. Most common types of hosting include:

Shared hosting: it involves a number of websites hosted on the same server, with each user receiving a certain amount of storage and resources. Shared solutions are frequently the best option for beginners and bloggers because it is the most cost-effective.

VPS hosting: a virtual private server (VPS) is the next level of hosting. It employs more powerful hardware that simulates virtual server instances on the same gear.

Cloud hosting: it may be ideal for you if you want additional server processing power. As cloud hosting employs many interconnected servers that take over from one another if necessary, you can count on your website to be up and running at all times.

Dedicated hosting: it provides you with a server that is dedicated to your website only without sharing storage or resources with anybody else. Professional web administrators and developers are typically advised to purchase dedicated hosting.

Our primary goal at Webhostkart is to provide a mix of cloud and shared website hosting to our customers. As a result, we can provide our customers fast hosting with premium features and virtually 100% uptime at an unbelievable price.

What is hosting?

Websites are stored – or “hosted” – on a publicly-accessible computer (a server). Some websites require an entire server to themselves. Others can share a server with 100s of other websites. The storage space, and the features that come with it, make up your hosting plan webhostkart web hosting.

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is a type of web-hosting that’s specifically designed so that WordPress websites can achieve maximum speed, performance and security. It pays special attention to the technical and security requirements of WordPress and usually offers a simple, 1-click installation or migration.

Every website you’ve visited is hosted on a server, a place to store the files comprising the website you see. WordPress Hosting from Webhostkart uses servers modified to ensure WordPress websites run smoothly. We also take care of pesky software and security updates, so you don’t have to. As for installation, our version of WordPress is not exclusive to Webhostkart; we offer the same version of WordPress as everyone else. Our WordPress Hosting is the ideal solution for anyone who wants the power and simplicity of WordPress without the hassle of managing technical adjustments. And of course, our award-winning support is available 24/7 to help with any questions you may have.

Reseller web hosting: the what and why

Reseller hosting lets you start your own web hosting company by white labelling our products. It's a great way to earn money on the side by becoming your own web hosting company, or by simply adding more value for customers you already have.
And, with Webhostkart, you get complete control over every aspect of your business. All while we stay behind the scenes.
In other words: we provide the products, you take the credit. Yup, it's pretty awesome.
Reseller Hosting is a type of web hosting that allows you (the reseller) to purchase a hosting provider’s resources wholesale and resell them to your clients for a profit. Ideal for web developers, web design firms or web hosting entrepreneurs, Reseller Hosting allows you to create your own branded hosting service and your own pricing structure.

Do I Need Web Hosting for WordPress?

Yes, you need web hosting for a website run by WordPress. WordPress is a free content management system (CMS) that helps you create a website and manage its content. Web hosting is needed for storing website files and databases, so everyone can see your website on the internet. WordPress can be installed on all our shared hosting plans with just one click. All plans also come with speed optimization features, auto updates and support from WordPress experts.

How to Connect My Domain Name and Web Hosting?

The most common way of connecting your domain name to your hosting is pointing it to Webhostkart nameservers. You’ll need to replace your domain’s name server info. Like most tasks, it is easy to do through your domain management area.

Shared Web Hosting Features

Dive deeper into webhostkart servers features.

Why Do I Need Web Hosting?

You need a hosting plan to get your website up and running.

While publishing a website without external hosting is possible, it's not the best option for beginners because you need to know how to set up your computer to work as a web server. You'll save time and money by opting for Webhostkart website hosting services.

Can I Buy Hosting Without a Domain Name?

Yes, you can. If you want to, you can purchase domain names from other domain or hosting companies and point them to your web host. If you want to keep both your domain and hosting under a single provider – which we recommend for convenience and easier troubleshooting – you can transfer your domain name over to Webhostkart.

How do I build my online presence?

So much of your personal brand is built around your online presence. In fact, everything you do, say, post, comment or share on the Internet represents your brand. With our Website Builder and other tools offered in our affordable Shared Hosting plans, building your brand online is easy.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a control panel that acts as a separate account, designed for managing your Shared Hosting service on the server. You'll be able to build your website with our Website Builder as well as upload and manage files, create email accounts, and check the stats of your sites — all in one place. Your cPanel login details are found in your Welcome Email.

Will Shared Web Hosting work with my WordPress website?

Yes! With our Softaculous one-click installer you’ll get your WordPress website up and running in no time. Want to know how to start building your WordPress website?

What is a CDN and how do I use it?

A content delivery network (CDN) is a group of distributed servers around the world to cache (store) and deliver assets (e.g. images and video) to your website visitors faster, no matter their location. In addition to faster website-loading times, a CDN also secures your website, protecting it from DDoS and/or cyber attacks. To take advantage of this web hosting tool, activate CDN by following this easy guide.

Permissions & Privacy

We take security & privacy seriously.

Do I Need Domain Privacy Protection? | Web Host Kart

Yes, Domain Protection helps secure your domain by preventing unauthorized domain actions, such as transferring a domain or making DNS updates, and avoiding accidental domain expiration if your credit card on file expires.

How will people be able to contact me?

All domains eligible for Domain Privacy have immediate access to a private email address that will show in the public WHOIS directory. When messages are sent to this private email address, you can set it to forward the messages to your preferred email address. You'll be able to stay in touch with anyone trying to contact the domain owner, while still keeping your personal email address private.

Domain hijacking or domain theft | Webhostkart

Domain hijacking or domain theft is the act of changing the registration of a domain name without the permission of its original registrant, or by abuse of privileges on domain hosting and registrar software systems.[1]

This can be devastating to the original domain name holder, not only financially as they may have derived commercial income from a website hosted at the domain or conducted business through that domain's e-mail accounts,[2] but also in terms of readership and/or audience for non-profit or artistic web addresses. After a successful hijacking, the hijacker can use the domain name to facilitate other illegal activity such as phishing, where a website is replaced by an identical website that records private information such as log-in passwords, spam, or may distribute malware from the perceived "trusted" domain[3]

Common Web Hosting Questions | Web Host Kart Blog

Another great question. A dedicated server is a server that's literally dedicated to you and no one else, which means the world (or in this case, server) is your oyster. Learn more about the benefits of VPS and Dedicated here.

Domain Privacy

Our KnowledgeBase will walk you through exactly how to upgrade to a VPS. Then you can check out these essential first steps.

And if you really want to go for it, you can read up on more general information about VPS here.

Pricing & Plans

Learn about plans, payments, and more.

Hosting Price Chart

A Virtual Private Server is a server divided into fully separate hosting environments. When you have VPS hosting, one of those environments is completely dedicated to you. That means you don't have to share resources (such as RAM or CPU) with other customers and you're less likely to be impacted by their behavior.

Addon Price Chart

Another great question. A dedicated server is a server that's literally dedicated to you and no one else, which means the world (or in this case, server) is your oyster. Learn more about the benefits of VPS and Dedicated here.

Web hosting discount prices

Our KnowledgeBase will walk you through exactly how to upgrade to a VPS. Then you can check out these essential first steps.

And if you really want to go for it, you can read up on more general information about VPS here.

Domain Registration and Renewal Pricing Explained

Yup, it can be a little confusing. But a virtual private server (VPS) is a form of web hosting, while a virtual private network (VPN) is a technology that allows you to remain completely anonymous when using the web. Read up more on VPS vs. VPN here.

Registering Domain Names and TLD Prices

In short, a virtual private server is ideal for users looking for more control over their hosting environment. Maybe your site traffic has grown, or maybe you have multiple websites and need more resources to run them all effectively. A VPS gives you more flexibility and control to bump up things like RAM and disk space without paying for more than you need.

For more information on shared vs. VPS hosting check out our blog.

How To Set Pricing for Your Online Store | Webhostkart Blog

If you’re switching from Shared, Reseller, or Dedicated hosting to a virtual private server, the process is pretty simple. You’ll just have to transfer your files, change the DNS, and cancel your old plan. For more details into this process, check out this article on switching to VPS.

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